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Casa Grande-Maricopa Bankruptcy Lawyer

Casa Grande and Maricopa bankruptcy lawyer Ed van Vianen helps financially distressed persons achieve debt relief, and he represents both debtors and creditors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


Easing Financial Distress. Many people who meet with Ed van Vianen regarding their financial issues are meeting with a lawyer for the first time. In this brief video, Ed describes how he listens to their problems, discusses their options, and seeks to ease the stress in their lives.


Debt Relief

Bankruptcy laws can be complex, involving both federal and Arizona State statutes, and there is generally more than one type of bankruptcy for which a debtor can file. If bankruptcy is the best option for you in achieving relief from creditors, Ed van Vianen can help you choose the right type of bankruptcy for your particular circumstances, allowing you to minimize debts and maximize the assets you can keep.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or liquidation, is the most common type of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 allows individuals, families and businesses to eliminate debts by liquidating their non-exempt assets to repay creditors. Debts that cannot be paid off from the proceeds of a debtor's liquidated assets are generally discharged. Although Chapter 7 bankruptcy might seem like a daunting proposition, in many cases it may prove the best option for a debtor seeking a fresh start.

  • Debtors  Filing for bankruptcy puts an immediate stop to harassment from creditors or the IRS and places a "stay" on pending debt collection lawsuits. Bankruptcy proceedings allow a debtor to deal entirely with the court, their attorneys and possibly a trustee. In addition, under federal or Arizona Laws, debtors usually have exempt property, such as a home with equity of up to $150,000, meaning you may be able to keep more assets than you think.

  • Creditors  Chapter 7 also allows creditors to move on. Creditors can force debtors into filing for bankruptcy, finally allowing them closure on debt collections. Ed van Vianen has also appeared on behalf of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, helping them maximize their recovery.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also known as a reorganization, allows individual debtors who have steady incomes to reorganize debts by working out a plan of repayment with the court and creditors.

  • Debtors  Filing under Chapter 13 can help consumers avoid foreclosures, rework repayment schedules into plans that are more manageable, and decrease overall debt. Debtors work directly with the court instead of with creditors and the IRS.

  • Creditors  We also represent creditors in Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings, objecting to unsatisfactory repayment plans and helping even unsecured creditors obtain a financial recovery.

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